Wednesday, 30 of July of 2014

Is your claustrophobia at war with your fear of tornados?

I can’t tell you how many times we’ve had our in-ground demo shelter at home shows or expos, and had a passersby look in and exclaim that they could never bring themselves to get down in one. I understand. I have a mild case of clautrophobia myself. Mine is mild enough that I can fake it out by keeping a small battery powered fan in our shelter. When we get in, I put it on a step and turn it on. The moving air is enough to help keep me calm.

However, I know that many people have serious issues with close spaces, and when you put that close space underground, they would rather take their chance with the weather. They don’t have to, however. Instead of an in-ground shelter in their garage, there are above ground shelters available that install in the garage and meet all FEMA requirements for safety. These are full height steel shelters that stand in the corner of the garage and have a FEMA-compliant door. When you need to go to a safe place during a storm, you just walk into your garage, take a seat in the shelter and close the door. With lighting and ventilation, it is a much different experience than an in-ground shelter.

We can help you make the best use of space in the garage without giving up space for your vehicles with one of our custom above-ground shelters. We can also custom design units to accomodate wheelchairs. If you own a home in central, western or northwest Arkansas, give us a call and we will meet with you at your home, measure your garage and discuss the best options with you.

Tornado in Rogers


Unfortunately the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management has suspended the rebate program due to a lack of funding.  This program has helped many Arkansans to purchase security for their homes.  Their stewardship of public funds has been outstanding.  Hopefully, when the economy gets stronger, the program will be re-funded.  Until then, many thanks to Bonnie and all of the fine folks at ADEM.


Severe Weather

Wow!  Our hearts go out to all those who have lost loved ones in the recent tornadoes.  My brother and I were caught in the tornado that devastated Vilonia and saw first hand the power of such a storm.  So many lives changed forever in an instant.  We are working all day every day to build more shelters and we still can’t keep up.  My appology for the delays and my sincere thanks to all those who are waiting so patiently.


Get ready Arkansas, tornado season is almost here!!

Take a look at the tornado photo in our blog masthead. This photo was snapped a couple of years ago by a good friend as he was driving through central Illinois with a group of Arkansas Tech students coming back from an engineering competition in Michigan. Buddy told me  that for a time that was a van full of  tense guys.

Seeing the photo again today made me realize that tornado season is fast approaching for all of us in Arkansas – a fact that was behind the decision of several families to purchase storm shelters  from Safe Home Shelters this past weekend during the Fort Smith Home Show. We have several models available in steel shelters that are suitable for both existing and new construction. Depending on your needs and the space available, we can put an underground unit or a steel above ground unit in your garage. Another solution for people who are really cramped for space is the work bench shelter in the garage or utility room. Use the link on the right to head over to our website and check out the options and get one installed before you need it.

Stay safe,

Lance and Amanda

Chert rocks in Bentonville

Paul and I installed a new shelter in Bentonville last week.  Due to an almost solid layer of chert rocks we spent eleven hours digging the hole.  Since we were still able to install the shelter in one day, we did not charge extra.  So far I’ve never charged anyone extra and I wanted to keep that going.


Safe Home Shelters at the 1st annual Women’s Expo in Rogers, AR

We had a great weekend January 15th and 16th at the first Women’s Expo held in Rogers at the John Q Hammons Center. We got to talk to a lot of people about the demo shelter we had with us, and we just did our first install in Bentonville for folks we talked with at the Expo.

We were really impressed with the number and quality of the exhibits, especially since this was the first year for this event. It was also the first time we had been to an event in the John Q Hammons Center. What a great venue! It is possible that I spent a good percentage of our potential profits with the other exhibitors, but that is a risk we take every time we go to a show. The jewelry was particularly nice, and that is all I’m going to say about that.

We look forward to participating in the same event next year. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to talk with us.